,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,OL'Skool Adventures are 40% Planned & 60% Gamble!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
We invite everyone to
join us on our  

OL'Skool 4x4 likes
getting out and
enjoying the local trails.

Adventure Activities:
- Rock Crawling
- Hiking
- Treasure Hunting
- RV/Camping

Gather some
friends and family
together on a
Saturday morning,
pack a lunch and
maybe camping
gear, throw in the
kids and head out  
for an adventure
40% planned
60% gamble
100% Adventure
OL'Skool conducts
monthly off- road 4x4
adventures in
El Paso, Las Cruces
& T or C
everyone welcome.

For more info E-Mail:
Trail categories:
Easy (Stock) 1-2
Moderate (33 Tires) 3-5
Hard (35 Tires) 6-7
Extreme (37 & Larger) 8-10
Participation in off-road
activities can be
dangerous, and despite
organizers taking all
reasonable precautions,
unavoidable accidents
can happen in respect
of which you participate  
entirely at your own risk.
OL'Skool Trail Etiquette:
-Help Each other fix repairs
-Don't Leave anyone behind
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Olskool 4x4
Broad Canyon 29 Dec,  2018