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Dona Ana Trail, 13 June, 20
Day Run (Easy/Moderate Trail)
Vehicle Requirements: Stock 4x4 with “GOOD, GOOD” ground clearance
Date: Saturday 13 June, 2020
El Paso meeting time: 0900 am, Anthony TX, I-10 Exit #0 Flying-J Truck Stop
(40 min from Ft. Bliss)
Las Cruces meeting time: 10:00am, Dona Ana Exit #9 Chuckey’s Gas Station
(35 miles from El Paso)
The Dona Ana trail is located 35 miles north of El Paso in Las Cruces NM. This
is a great trail for stock 4x4s with good ground clearance. Some stock Jeeps
rub the underside, it’s all about picking the correct line. The trail has a lot of
brush, you will end up with some type of desert pin stripping by the end of the
trail. The trail consists of steep hill climbs, steep descends, rocky ledges, and a
lot of off-camber areas. To view the trail and the obstacles go to youtube and
type in “Dona Ana 4x4 trail”.
The trail takes about 5 hours: (without issues)
0900 – El Paso Meeting Time (Anthony Exit #0)
1000- Las Cruces, NM
10:30 - Start Trail
5:30pm – End Trail