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18 Aug, 2018 Sidewinder Trail
Trail Level "7"
Vehicle Requirements: 35in Tires, Front and Rear Lockers & Winch
Meeting Location: Percha Dam RV Park at 0900
Tent Camping $10 and RV $14

Trail begins Southeast of Percha Dam on a graded road until reaching a two-track
heading south across the mountainside to the trailhead. This trail has CHANGED a
lot over the past 3 years, it’s harder and very challenging. Areas of the trail are very
narrow and full width vehicles may experience body damage in an effort to get
through it. This trail will test both driver and vehicle. Sidewinder should be a
challenge for drivers who haven't stepped into the more extreme trails, but would
like to test their abilities. This trail will be ran during the 2018 Chile Challenge.

The 2018 4x4 Chile Challenge registration is open: Trail Levels 1-10 (Easy-Extreme)
Caballo State Park 10-13 Oct, 2018
Event Location:
I-25 Exit #59, Riverside RV Park, Riverside Park Rd, Caballo, NM 87931
Phone: (575) 743-3942
Off-Road 4x4 Chile Challenge 2018
Date: 10-13 Oct, 2018
Trail Levels: 1-10 (Easy to Extreme)
National & International Participation!
It’s time to get the entire family out of the house and enjoy this unbelievable, remarkable, wonderful,
spectacular, fun-filled week of off-road adventures.
Participants and their families from throughout the USA & Mexico have previously enjoyed the
comfortable environment of the Caballo Lake Campground, situated near the Rio Grande River, about
an hour north of Las Cruces, NM off of I-25N Exit #59.
Trail types: Overland off road (Easy), Moderate, Hard, and Extreme rock crawling.

“I scream- You scream- We all scream for more 4x4 Adventures!”

You will find last year’s trails have become more challenging in 2018! Trail Levels 7 and above is not
for the faint-hearted.
Example: Rattler (Has Been Extended) it’s now a Level 7 Trail that takes the Moderate Trail Rattler
and extends it into a more challenging exit. Boulders and drops exceeding 30 inches demand
adequate equipment and will sharpen the driving skill edge of any good operator.

                   All Trails for the 2018 Chile Challenge can now be viewed on the Trail Description Page.

The trails are indeed exceptional, whether for their driver intimidation for the Hard and Extreme Trails,
or their New Mexico desert vistas and views, sites of geology or history found on the Overland and
Moderate Trails. Families have been a part of this Event since the beginning, and have had fun every
year! We believe you will as well!

Your Challenge: Can you conquer the trails without any vehicle repairs? Will you make the statement “I
Conquered 2018 without Breaking!”

Event Location: Caballo Lake State Park, NM
I-25 Exit #59, Riverside RV Park, Riverside Park Rd, Caballo, NM 87931
Sites: 54 Group Sites · 7 Full Hookup · 162 Electric and Water · 98 30 Amps · 17 (50 Amps)
Rates: Tents $10.00 – RV $14/$18.00
San Diego Peak Mountain Trail Needs Repaired (Chile Challenge Moderate Trail)
Vehicle Requirements: 33 inch tires, Level 5 Trail
Date: 25 Aug, 2018
El Paso meeting time: 0700am, Anthony TX Exit #0 Flying-J Truck Stop
Las Cruces meeting time: 0800am, Dona Ana Exit #9 Circle K Gas Station
We need help, the trail is located north of Radium Springs NM. The Las Cruces 4x4
Club will be working on the San Diego Peak trail to get it ready for Chile Challenge
(10-13 Oct, 2018). The Good news, there is only one spot that needs work, bad news it
is about a 20' section that needs repaired. Please bring picks, shovels and large
crowbars to move rocks/dirt from one side of the trail to the other. This will open the trail
and make it safe again. This is one of those times where the more people that help the
less work per person, and it should go quickly. (10 People = 1 Hour)
Latitude: 32°36'32.58"N
Longitude: 106°59'25.73"W
This trail has not been offered for the past three Chile Challenges. The Club decided
that it would be a great trail to offer as the trail provides a satisfying driving experience
as well as providing driver and passengers with great vistas of New Mexico.