The following is a listing of Ol'Skool and related 4x4 events in the
El Paso/Las Cruces area:
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Palomas Gap Trail, 10 Mar 2018
Requirements: Stock 4x4, and no fear of heights

The Palomas Gap Trail (80 Miles from El Paso) is located East of Caballo
Lake, and south of Truth or Consequences.  We camp at the Percha Dam
State Park $10 for tents, and $14 for RV sites.  From the campground, we go
north on Hwy-187 and turn right at the town of Las Palomas.  We go across the
Rio Grande River (12 inches of water) and head to the trail. The Gap is a very
(VERY) narrow road on the side of the mountain, if you don’t like heights you
will ask yourself “Why did I do this”. When you’re at the top of the trail/road it
feels like your riding on the edge of the mountain with a couple hundred feet
drop straight down.  This trail is ran every year during the 4x4 Chile Challenge,
this year dates are 10-13 Oct, 2018. After we reach the top, we will drop down
into the canyon and hike a small part of the Gap. Bring your lunch…Remember
(Trail Schedules are 40% Planned and always a 60% Gamble)

Schedule: Recommend camping at Percha Dam Friday Night, but not required.
0900- Leave Percha Dam (FYI: It’s a 1 ½ hour drive from El Paso)
0945- Airdown, Cross the Rio Grande
1000- Start the trail
1230- Reach the Top of Palomas Gap
1300-Lunch, Hike dry water falls in Palomas Gap
1430- Return, drive down Palomas Gap
1630- Enjoy the Percha Dam camp ground
The Narrows Trail, 5 May 2018
Requirements: Trail Level 8/9, 35in Tires, Front and Rear Lockers, a winch is a plus

If Camping Location: Percha Dam State Park, Time: 0900
Trailer Parking: Exit 51 Airdown Staging Area, Time: 0930

The Narrows Trail (80 Miles from El Paso) is located Southeast of the Caballo Lake/Percha Dam, and
south of Truth or Consequences.  It's a great trail, consisting of several large obstacle that must be climb,
no bypasses.  The trail takes you in and around the arroyos of the Caballo Mountain.  The trail consists of
ledges, boulders, narrows spots, and several rather hard boulder hills that must be climbed. Current trail
level is 8/9, but if it rains it could be harder or easier. Please watch the videos on Youtube. After we
return to Percha Dam we will have an OL’Skool BBQ, I’ve invited my Mother (81) and Sister so please
bring your family’s. Trail schedules are 40% Planned and always a 60% Gamble
Schedule: 5 May, 2018 (Saturday)
0900 – Meet at the Percha Dam 0900
0930 – Meet at Airdown Exit 51
1000 – Start the Trail
1200 – Lunch on the Trail
1500 – Complete Trail
1600 – Return to Percha Dam for BBQ
Return to El Paso Sunday 6 May, 2018
Broad Canyon Trail, Father and Son/Daughter camping Trip
Date: 14 April 2018
Requirements: Level 8, 35in Tires, front and rear lockers, winch is a plus
El Paso Meeting Location: Flying-J in Anthony TX, Exit 0 (El Paso Westside)
Time: 0900, we leave at 0910…
Las Cruces Meeting Location: Blue Moon Bar, Time: 1000

This 4x4 adventure is for the Father/Mother/Son and Daughter’s to enjoy the great outdoors. The trail level is
Hard a Level 8, please watch the Youtube videos. Stock 4x4 vehicles with good ground clearance are welcome to
drive to the campsite (10 miles across desert) and park/camp. Stock vehicle spectators are invited to hike down
the trail (1.5 miles) and watch as the vehicles conquer the trail obstacles. We're camping on the trail so bring your
Lunch, Dinner, and Camping gear. Low's upper 40s
Trail schedules are 40% Planned and always a 60% Gamble
Schedule: 14 April, 2018
0900-Meet at Flying-J Anthony Tx, Exit-0
0910-Leave, Drive to Las Cruces (Blue Moon Bar 45 miles)
0945-Arrive at the Blue Moon Bar
1015-Head to the Trail Head
1030- Drive across the Desert
1130- Louis Play Ground Trail Level 8, Stock vehicles stay on the road
1230- Lunch, Play Time (Kids drive vehicles, Dads-Skeet Shooting)
1400-Arrive at Campsite, drop off wood, stock vehicles, setup camp
1430-1900 Broad Canyon Trail
1900- Campfire/BBQ, BYO-Everything
2200 (10pm) quiet time...
Return to El Paso Sunday (15 Apr) 1200 on Sunday.