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OL'Skool CB
Channel 16

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OL'Skool CB
Channel 16

29 JULY 2017


Minimum requirements

Trail consists of loose rock with many ledges and boulders exceeding 48”.
Steep off camber inclines and declines are prevalent. At least 35” tires with
front and rear solid lockers and a working winch required. Spare parts and
tools are recommended. Vehicle damage is likely. Excellent driving skills are
required. Frequent use of your winch may be required.

eautiful canyon with layers of crystal everywhere. This trail is a solid 9 and
Crystal falls is a 9+. The falls are not Extreme but are Hard Core and when
you see them you will wonder why they are not rated Extreme! I have heard
Crystal falls described as 300 feet of hell followed by a nice hard trail. Their
is a solid winch point half way up and if you decide no way it is not far from
the entrance so you can bail out with no shame.

Departure Time 0930 from Air Down at Exit 51, I-25 on Sat 29 Jun.
To get to the Air Down, Turn Right at the stop sign on exit 51, 1/4 up gravel road, is a clearing which it
the Air Down/Trailer Parking.

Camping at Percha Dam, Caballo NM

Depart Percha Dam campground 0900, meet at Air Down @ 915