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Amatista Ledges: 23 Mar, 2019
(Day Run/Tent Camping)

Requirements: 33in Tires, One Locker
El Paso Time/Location: 0900, Anthony Texas, I-10 Exit #0, Flying-J
“Don’t be late!” CB Channel #16
Las Cruces: 10:00, I-25 Exit #9 Chucky Gas Station

Airdown & Trailer Parking: Prehistoric Trackways National Monument

Amatista Ledges Trail location: Las Cruces, NM
Getting to the Amatista trail we exit I-25 Dona Ana exit #9, and head to the
airdown location. After airing down we head to the Bell Pepper trail, it’s just past
the “White Spot” on the road (AKA Off-Camber White Spot). We drop down into
the Amatista trail, this trail will test your driving ability and your vehicles rock
crawling ability. The recommended tire size is 33 inches, and rock sliders will
defiantly help. Bell Peeper is Level #7 and Amatista is an 8 (HARD). Both trails
are full of boulders, ledges, and off camber areas. This trail will provide a full
day adventure, and as always our trail runs are 40% planned and a 60% gamble!
The trail will end around 3pm, if there are no issues.
We set up camp at the end of Amatista.

Bring your Camping Gear…..

1.        Anthony TX, Meeting Location: 31.996723N   106.581151W
2.        Chucky Gas Station Exit: #9, 32.389053N   106.808687W
3.        Air down: 32.373259N   106.866567W
4.        Bell Pepper Entrance: 32.379870N   106.896186W
5.        Amatista Exit /Campsite: 32.384400N   106.906043W