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OL'Skool CB
Channel 16
25-26 May, 2019 (X3 Trails)
Apache Trail, Caballo Mountain Trail, Palomas Gap Trail
Vehicle Requirements: 33in Tires, if you take bypasses
Camping on top of Caballo Mountain
Meeting Location: 0900 Arrey NM gas station (80 Miles North of El Paso)

We’ll meet at the Arrey, NM gas station so everyone can fill up. If your
trailering your vehicle, and you can drive on the road you could park it in Arrey.
The trail starts in Arrey Saturday and ends in T or C on Sunday.
The first trail is the Apache Trail, its full of boulders with bypasses. The Apache
trail takes us to the top of the Caballo Mountain. We plan on camping at the top
of the mountain overlooking the Caballo Lake. On Sunday we drive across the
entire top of Caballo, descending down the Palomas Gap trail. After
descending the mountain we drive across the desert along the Rio Grande
River until we reach T or C.

Bring your camping gear, food, drinks, ect….