Patzcuaro’s Revenge Story, 22 Dec. 2007 (Extreme Trail)

OL'Skool and members of the DesertXlizards tackled the extreme trail Patzcuaro’s Revenge.  It was a
good mix of vehicles, OL'Skool consisting of two vehicles with 35 in tires, Dana 30 Front and AMC 20
rear and the DXL club with one jeep with 35's, one with 36's, one with 38's, and one with 42's.  Boy did
OL'Skool feel inadequate here.  Everything was custom, 35” plus tires, beefy axles, low gears, and
enough parts to start a new shop.  I felt that OL'Skool would be okay if we took are time. The trailhead
shares a canyon entrance with Rocotillo Rapids , and the terrain is very intimidating.  The canyon
bottom is 50 ft across, with 100 ft walls, and we had plenty of spectators watching as we tried to conquer
our fears.  (hmmmm, “Thou I walk into the valley of the death I fear no Rock……well maybe”) .

We started in.  The rocks were big, the trail was tight.  OL'Skool bypassed the first  waterfall after
spending one hour trying to climb it. Charles with DXL made it all look easy,....this applies to the whole
trail, btw.  Two jeeps got hung up good on the first large ledge, and they had fun winching themselves

We went up the trail to the first large waterfall.  The yellow CJ7 with 36 in tires climbed the 8 ft wall on
the left.  It was in this area that the CJ7  cracked a cap on a D44 axle u-joint, and broke the right side
front axle shaft and also twisted the rear drive shaft in half.  He would have to take it easy after repairs
were made, but we weren't' halfway through yet. To the right of the 8 ft wall there's a 15 ft waterfall that
we had to climb.  I did not have a good feeling about this one, even after watching the first boys crawl
the 8 ft wall and Charles climbing the 15 ft waterfall like it was a speed bump at the Mall. Next was the
jeep with 38's and he was ready to climb the 15 ft waterfall. He pulled up to the waterfall and had the
winch attached to the winch point just to keep him from going over backwards. He was 3/4 of the way up
and the front right spring bent into an (L) shape which caused the front drive shaft to brake. He was
winched up and over the waterfall. At this point we had two vehicles that needed repair and OL'Skool
was ready to call it quits but DXL was right there ensuring us that we could make it.

The next vehicle was the DXL YJ Jeep with 35's, Dana 35 rear and 30 front, he pulled up to the
waterfall hooked up the winch and used it all the way up without any problems. Well this convinced
OL'Skool that if we used the winch all the way up we could make it.

Once I got the front tires up on this monster, I hooked my winch and held the button down till I was on
the top of Nemesis the great waterfall!  I thought I was gonna roll (and I refuse to listen to those people
that weren't sitting where I was saying, it's okay don't worry "Rob Hyde" LOL).  I could not see
anything (all I could see was sky), but the winch made me fill somewhat secure .  Ok, I’m sure it didn’t
look as bad as it felt, but still, they couldn’t get me to ever do it without a good winch.  Once the winch
pulled the front end down the Jeep CJ7 climbed up easily with the assistance of the winch.  

The next and last vehicle was Rob Hyde in his CJ7 and 35's he did the same thing I did and put his trust
in his Warn winch. He made it look easy on 35's.

We were finally at the top of Nemesis and we spent two hours repairing the two jeeps. If you ever go
wheeling on an extreme trail take the DXL club with you because they know how to wheel and if you
brake they have the knowledge to fix what ever needs fixing.

OL'Skool camped on the trail and the low was around 17 degrees but it felt like it was 0.