Off-Broadway News paper Article 18 Feb, 2012

sacrifices members of Ol’ Skool 4 X 4 Jeeping Club make to enjoy the day rock crawling with their off-
road vehicles on a trail called “off broadway.”
Members of Ol’ Skool, along with their guests, met this past Saturday to spend the day pushing their
vehicles to the limits. Being my first time at such an event, I was astonished to see such an array of
vehicles. I estimated that there were more than 30 in attendance.
The majority of the adventurers had the classic two-door Jeep, but I also saw the Jeep Rubicon, Jeep
Cherokee, an old Chevy Blazer, a Toyota pick-up, and a Toyota Land Cruiser. No matter the vehicle of
choice, each was equipped with everything needed to tackle any obstacle in the way. Several of the
SUVS even had spot welders and air compressors under the hood.
Choosing a favorite was a challenging task, but for me, the ultimate Jeep was the one with a car seat
strapped in the front seat so that little 3-year-old Conner could ride along with his dad.At 9 o’clock in the
morning, the leader of the pack gave a quick briefing of the events that were to happen during the day.
Though I don’t have a Jeep, and I was riding along with my cousin, I did become a little nervous when he
said that in the last run they did, many people broke crucial parts to their vehicles and they spent most
of the day welding repairs. At the close of the briefing, everyone got back into their Jeeps, and we
headed about three miles past Las Cruces to the middle of nowhere.
It was quite the sight to see so many Jeeps cruising down the highway. We ended up turning the
ignition off when we reached about 30 miles into the desert on private property. Once the pavement
ended, the adventure began! Those with their Jeeps on trailers pulled over to unload, while the rest of
us deflated our tires to about 9 psi. It wasn’t until I saw everyone pressuring down that I realized the
intensity of what laid ahead.
The first obstacle was sort of a “training”. They brought us to what they called “the wall.” It was a few
feet of vertical ledges that you had to bring the car over. Those trying that obstacle lined up their Jeeps
while everyone crowded around to watch. The highlight of my morning was watching two female drivers
successfully complete the challenge, while a few of the guys who didn’t make it turned back.
The rest of the day was filled with continuous rock crawling adventure. We traversed over boulders and
through canyons, down ravines and up gorges. Every 50 feet reveled a daunting challenge that
required skill and careful execution. To my relief, everyone there was friendly and willing to help in
anyway. We had people telling us how to attack rocks, when and how to turn the wheel, and even how to
properly place the tire on the boulders.
Though the experience was fun, it came at a cost. I wasn’t aware what was happening to the Jeeps at
the end of the convoy, but those at the front where I was, suffered from slashed tires, leaking oil, and
leaking steering fluid. But like I said before, everyone was prepared. To my relief, the Jeep I rode in had
no problems other then a dented bumper, bent fender and broken reflector light. Though I hate to admit
it, the bent fender and broken light were due in part to my poor guidance through a tight ravine.
The day ended with everyone clearing the canyon at about 6:30 in the evening, but that wasn’t the end
of it. We still had to re-inflate the tires and pack up the gear. Some even had to do some welding. It
wasn’t until 9:30 pm that we got back home to El Paso.
12 hours of adventures and intense off-roading was a day well spent!
To find out more about these types of excursions go to www.olskool4x4.com