The Monticello Canyon Trail (Easy) is just northwest
of the small town of Monticello, which is approximately
21 miles northwest of Truth or Consequences.  The trail
follows the Alamosa River/Creek from the town of
Monticello upstream to the Monticello Box.  While in the
canyon, you will cross the Alamosa River/Creek nearly
100 times.  However, none of the crossings are more
than about 12 inches, and many are less shallow.  You
can park just to the right of the main road and explore
the  historic area where Indian Agent John Philip Clum
arrested Geronimo and his band of renegade Apaches
over 125 years ago, in April 1874.  The Monticello
Canyon Trail is about 17 miles long and takes only a few
hours to reach the end.
Do you own a
drive vehicle?