Tabasco Twister Trail (Extreme)

The Tabasco Twister Trail is located in the Chile Canyons area just North of Picacho Peak,
about 5 miles west of Las Cruces.   Ranging in elevation from approximately 4,200 feet to
4,700 feet, the trail offers a great view of the Mesilla Valley and various surrounding mountain
ranges.  This trail contains really big rocks and boulders, and really tall and steep waterfalls.  
One of the most difficult waterfalls have winch points.  The trail is a little over 14 miles long
and takes a good 6 hours to complete.  

It is a long drive over dirt roads to get to the trail head for The Tabasco Twister, but it is well
worth the drive. The trail starts with several very technical boulder fields that lead to the first
big ledge. In order to make the ledge, you need to climb up onto an off-camber section to the
left. If you don't make it, you become high centered with both front and rear wheels off the
ground (35in or smaller tires). I mainly catch on my left rear spring hanger there.

After the first big ledge, there are two off camber sections. Your choice, climb the rocks on the
left or risk body damage by taking the off-camber line to the right. Without a spotter it is easy
to fall off the rocks and get hung up so bring a good spotter.

After the off-camber sections is the second major ledge known as The Abyss. It is named the
Abyss for the large wash out on the passenger side, falling in would be as good as bottomless.
This obstacle is very difficult even for the big dogs. More people take the strap here than
anywhere else, some walk right up it.

After The Abyss, there is ledge after ledge. None of the ledges match The Abyss, but most are
very difficult with 35in tires and you won’t get back to the Airdown (start location) until well
after dark.